Hi I’m Kim Baldwin

I bring a sense of style and attentiveness to your online presence.

Let's get started!

You know the formula, Social Media + Engaged Community = More $$$

Easier said than done, right? After all, you didn't go into business to become a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/everything else guru. If only you knew someone who knows how to build an online community and keep it engaged... Oh, right. You do!

Since I started my blog in 2007, it's grown from a readership of a few close friends to 185,000+ followers -- all organic growth without sponsored content. Just imagine what I could do for your business. (No, seriously. Close your eyes and imagine.) Meaningful content, in front of the right eyeballs, working together to spread the good word about your brand. Your brand!

Social media is an evolving, overwhelming world. It takes a lot of thought and energy to do it correctly. It also takes just the right amount of personality. And guess what? I have the time, attentiveness and style your brand needs!

I got my initial start when I typed my first shout-out into Friendster. I got my second start when a friend and small business owner said, “You’re good at this. I’ll pay you to manage my social media.” And voila, The Blonde Mule Media was born!

I have some fancy degrees and I’ve had some fancy jobs, but I learned how to do social media by actually doing it. I work full-time at this so you don’t have to. What excites me is helping people establish and maintain relationships. That’s where I shine, and that translates from face-to-face to screen-to-screen.

Ready to cross social media off of your list?

Ready to get back to what you went into business to do? Great! Just fill out this form or email me at theblondemule@gmail.com.